Frequently Asked Questions

How often do clients have to register with Home Repair Services?

Qualifying homeowners must provide updated household income information annually.  Homeowners whose primary income is from fixed sources must update their information by January 31 of each year.  Homeowners whose primary income is from salary and wages must update their information by April 15 of each year.

How many different income ranges does Home Repair Services have for access to resources?

Four - you can download the current income limits here

Why do you need the income of everyone in the household?

The most accurate way to determine household financial capacity is to account for the income of everyone living in the household.  Contracts with our funders require that we perform this accounting.  Different agencies have different contract terms with their funders so eligibility requirements at Home Repair Services may be different than those at other agencies.

Why are the Home Repair Services phones busy sometimes?

We have three intake specialists. One of the intake specialists is assigned exclusively to receiving new Foreclosure Intervention cases. As a result, the volume of incoming calls is sometimes too great for the other two intake specialists to provide an immediate response.  The intake specialists have voicemail for those times when they cannot answer the phone.

Does Home Repair Services use volunteers?

Yes, in limited numbers.  We maintain a list of volunteer positions on our website.  You can complete and return our Volunteer Skills Questionnaire if you're interested in one of these positions.

Is Home Repair Services concerned about Lead Poisoning?

Yes, we have been a leader in this area since 2001.  Today we partner with the Healthy Homes Coalition to offer advice and literature to our customers concerning lead-safe painting and remodeling. Home Repair Services is an EPA Certified Firm and all of our Repair Team staff members are certified in lead-safe work practices.

Is Home Repair Services concerned about homeowner health and safety?

Yes.  Most of our repair work is focused on health and safety – sanitation, heat, safe wiring, security, safe entry and exit and keeping houses dry.  In addition we have polices that address risks caused by carbon monoxide, falls, scalding, fire, radon and sanitation.

How does Home Repair Services decide how much to charge for its services?

Our Repair Team charges a copay for emergency repairs. The copay is based on a sliding fee scale. Financial Coaching, Fix-it School classes and Home Maintenance Check-ups are provided free of charge.


Thank you very much for your generous support. Home Repair Services is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your contribution is tax-deductible.


Right now our greatest needs are for Fix-it School instructors, cabinet aseemblers and remodeling coaches.  If you're interested in any of these roles, contact Joel Ruiter at (616) 241-2601, ext. 222 and tell him "I have skills you can use!"


To qualify for services you must own, or be buying, the home in which you live.  The home must be in Kent County.  Your combined household income must be below our published guidelines.

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