Mike Zamarron

Self-Help Program Coordinator

Doré Westra

Senior Repairman

Dan VanderKodde


Mark Veneman


Regina Spielberger


Vincent Taylor

Self-Help Team

Dave Scheidel

Carpentry Supervisor

Dina Rowland


Bill Postmus, MSW

Social Worker

Rodrigo Ortiz

Intake Specialist and Financial Coach

Phil McConahy


Jim Lynch

Plumbing Supervisor

Lizmarie Colon

Accounting & Intake

Judy Jordan

Education Coordinator

Dustie Wiggins

Engagement and Stewardship Officer

Chris Romero

Resource Development Manager

Darrin Lucas

Office Manager & Financial Coaching Supervisor

Maureen Martin

Finance Manager

Bruce "BJ" Jordan

Self-Help Program Manager

Bob Hengeveld

Repair Program Manager

Joel Ruiter

Executive Director


I Have A Home Repair Skill

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