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Income Based Services

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Repair Team

We offer critical repairs when health or safety factors are at risk.

Has your furnace stopped working? Do you have a leaky roof or a leaky toilet? Lower-income Kent County homeowners may be eligible for certain emergency home repairs. Proof of homeownership and proof of income are required to become registered for the Repair program. Call us at 616-241-2601 to discuss your specific repair need and to see if you are eligible. 

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Home Accessibility

Do you need a wheelchair ramp, grab bars or other accessibility modifications?

Lower-income Kent County residents may be eligible for certain home modifications needed to help with access in and around the home. Proof of income and other documentation is required to become registered for the Home Accessibility program. Call us at 616-241-2601 to discuss your specific need and to see if you are eligible. 

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Free and Open Services

Fix-it School

Learn to do it yourself with our free training workshops.

We offer weekly workshops teach basic skills in the areas of plumbing, electrical, drywall repair, ceramic tile installation, Cabinet installation and more. **As of March 13, 2020, ALL HRS workshops are suspended due to health considerations related to the COVID-19 virus concerns. Please stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks**


Remodeling Together

We have resources for your kitchen remodeling project.

Have you been thinking about remodeling your kitchen, but are afraid about the skills needed or cost to complete your project? We can help! Our Remodeling Together team can assist with the design, skill training, and coaching needed to tackle your project! Click "Register" below to schedule your free Remodeling Consultation.


Home Maintenance Check-Ups

We teach you how the systems in your house work and how to plan for future repairs.

Has it been a while since you've had a home inspection? Does your home need some repair attention, but you're not sure where to start? The Home Maintenance Check-up is a FREE post-purchase home inspection service that will help you identify priority repair items, plan for routine maintenance, and connect you with relevant resources. Click "Register" below to schedule your free Home Maintenance Check-up.



I Have A Home Repair Skill

Do you have a home maintenance/repair skill and love to teach? Volunteer as a Fix-It School Instructor or a Remodeling Coach.

I Want to Volunteer my Time

Do you have a talent and want to make a difference in peoples lives?

Register for a volunteer opportunity HERE