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Bench Program

The Bench Program was created when we thought of a way to repurpose the leftover cut-off pieces of wood from our Home Accessibility Ramps that were too short to use for another ramp project. We wanted to create a Full-Circle Program designed to raise funds for more wheelchair ramps to be built. Thus, the Bench Program was born for the purpose of utilizing leftover boards; and keeping the boards out of a landfill. 

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*All bench purchases must be picked up at 1100 S. Division Ave., Grand Rapids, MI 49507.

The cost per bench is $100, side tables are $50. Taxes and Fees not included.

The Story of the Benches

Access Ramps

HRS offers special needs accessibility wheelchair ramps for individuals with limited mobility. We wanted to think of a solution to repurpose the leftover boards that were too short to use for the next ramp. Then, we thought of this full-circle opportunity to build benches from these boards, and sell them to the public generating funds for the next ramp build. This program gives the community an opportunity to support those in need, while bringing home a handcrafted bench. 

Recycled Wood

After each ramp is completed, the leftover boards are collected and examined for retained quality. The boards are then cut into the various width and length requirements and placed into their assigned groupings. The boards await eager volunteers to assemble them into the benches!

Eager Volunteers

Our eager volunteers are led by our Self-Help Program Associates to place each individual board into a specially-made jig for assembly. The benches are handcrafted by our volunteers and stamped with our specially-made honorary wood plaque on the front of the bench. This gives each bench the recognition of supporting a great cause.

Your Purchase

After you purchase your handcrafted bench, you are free to take it to its new home! Each bench made at HRS has a story. 100% of the funds raised through our Bench Program will go towards the purchase of boards to build more special needs home accessibility wheel chair ramps! Help us give the gift of mobility.