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Monthly Giving

Invest in homeowners monthly – significantly impact the community

Change Makers

Become a Change Maker and join a group of passionate sustainers of Home Repair Services’ work who together make a greater impact in the lives of homeowners. A lot of loose change can make quite a difference once added together. Your recurring monthly gift will create opportunities for families to have a safe home, become financially literate, avoid foreclosure, learn home maintenance skills, and be a part of a Remodeling Together Program that provides resources and support for a DIY kitchen remodel project.

Why Become A Change Maker?

Fits Your Budget
Your monthly gift of any size fits your budget and accumulates to create a life-changing impact in the lives of homeowners in our community.

Plans For The Future
Monthly gifts provide sustainable funding and allow us to strategically plan services and programs to better serve homeowners in our community.

Gives Homeowners Hope
A safe and healthy home leads to family stability, especially with children, and provides an avenue for generational wealth and education.

Brings You Behind The Scenes
As a Change Maker, you will be even closer to our mission and receive an annual impact statement detailing your tax-deductible giving history, invitations to VIP events, a dedicated staff member to answer your questions, and a quarterly e-newsletter with updates.

$10 a month for a year means a working furnace for our neighbors with no heat like Mary.

Read our 2016 newsletter to see how a fixed furnace changed Mary Walton’s life.

$20 a month for a year means one Rookie Renovator Workshop educates and empowers homeowners like José.

José Capeles attended many free hands-on Rookie Renovator workshops and participated in the bi-annual Door Installation Workshop. He gained knowledge and skills to install a more secure and insulated front door for his home.

$40 a month for a year means a main drain clean-out for our neighbors like the Smith family.

The Smiths have lived in their home since 1986. Home Repair Services helped Robert, a U.S. Military Veteran and senior, with modifications to his home’s main bathroom for easy and safe access. HRS was also able to do a critical main drain cleanout, eliminating stress on the Smith family.

$60 a month for a year means a construction coach for families in the Remodeling Together Program like our neighbor Angie.

Watch 2021 Resourceful Homeowner Celebration Finalist, Angie’s video of her kitchen remodeling project.

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Thank you to Home Repair Services of Kent
County’s First 50 Founding Change Makers

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Kenneth and Kristin Bauer
Lizmarie and Emanuel Colon
Phil and Sue de Haan
Scott Dalecki
MaryBeth Deiters
Sarah Deiters
Shawn and Katherine Elkins
Alisa Flores
John Guichelaar
Elizabeth Hawkins
Cyndi Higgins
Laura Hoekstra
Adam Homan
David and Lois Jacobs
Adam Jacobs
Jim and Phoorita Jouppi
Grant and Michelle Kooi
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Joel and Kathy Ruiter
Elizabeth and Dave Shoemaker
Angel and Vernon Smith
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