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Housing Counseling and Education

Relieve financial stress by taking advantage of our financial counseling and education resources. We offer foreclosure prevention counseling, reverse mortgage counseling, Money Matters workshops, and the Financial Capabilities Certificate Series. What service best fits your needs?


Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

The Housing Counseling and Education team provides foreclosure advocacy and guidance to homeowners who are:

  • Experiencing a financial or housing crisis (mortgage or property tax foreclosure)
  • Trying to avoid an anticipated crisis
  • Looking for assistance in creating a budget
  • Planning for a short-term financial goal

These services are available to residents of Kent County and all bordering counties. HRS is a HUD-certified housing counseling agency and our housing counselors are all individually HUD-certified. Are you struggling financially and need foreclosure guidance? Download the foreclosure prevention intake packet.

Intake Packet

Reverse Mortgage Counseling

This education and counseling service is required to apply and close on an HECM (Reverse Mortgage) loan and is open to those over the age of 62. The purpose is to make sure homeowners understand how a reverse mortgage works by learning what it is, how much a homeowner may get, alternatives to a reverse mortgage, and more.

(Fee waived for those below poverty level)

Are you interested in reverse mortgage counseling? Download the reverse mortgage intake packet.

Intake Packet

Money Matters Workshops

These financial workshops cover topics such as budgeting, insurance, credit, and buying a home. See the calendar for the workshop schedule. Workshops will be held virtually via Zoom.


Financial Capabilities Certificate Series

The Financial Capabilities Series meets the requirements for participants to receive a certificate of completion to apply for certain homeownership programs (local housing commissions, Individual Development Accounts, etc). Participants learn about budgeting, financial goal setting, how to improve and manage credit, fair housing law, and insurance. Workshops will be held virtually via Zoom.

Are you interested in this series?


October Series

November Series

I’ve made all the trial period payments on time and I am in a much better place than I was. I love this house and I’m grateful that I have a path to keep it!”

- James Houston, Client

Housing Counseling and Education 2020 Impact

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