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Gifts & Wills

The Dave Jacobs
Legacy Society

Annual gifts are incredibly important and fuel our mission to strengthen the vulnerable with dignity and to equip homeowners for success. However, planned gifts are also critical as they help ensure that our services remain dependable even when the financial resources may not be.


We proudly created the Dave Jacobs Legacy Society in August 2020 to help draw attention to this wonderful giving opportunity. Dave served with incredible distinction as Home Repair Services’ Executive Director for 34 years out of our 41 years of existence. Dave saw firsthand how homeownership has the power to change lives. It is the common denominator found in strong families and neighborhoods. He believed that for our community to truly flourish, the opportunity to own a safe and healthy home needed to be extended to all ages, backgrounds, and incomes.

The Dave Jacobs Legacy Society will recognize friends of Home Repair Services who, like Dave, believe deeply in its mission and work. So much so, that they have chosen to make their financial support not only predictable, but perpetual.

Becoming a founding member of the Dave Jacobs Legacy Society will show the community you can make a difference. Provide predictable support in an unpredictable world.

Ways to Give A Legacy Gift

  • Include a bequest gift to Home Repair Services in your will
  • Name Home Repair Services as one of the beneficiaries of your retirement account(s) or life insurance policy
  • Make a Charitable Gift Annuity that will provide you and your spouse income for life

If you have already named Home Repair Services in your will or estate plan, or have any questions, please contact us so we can include you as a founding member of the Dave Jacobs Legacy Society.

Thank you to Home Repair Services of Kent County’s First 30 Founding Dave Jacobs Legacy Society Members

Anonymous Families
Tracie and Chad Coffman
James and Dorothy Compere
Marlin and Ruth Feyen
Doug and Melanie Grooters 
Richard and Cindy Kogelschatz
Henry and Cassandra Kroondyk

Cara Oosterhouse and Jacquie Kaiser
Gezina Oosterhouse
Steve and Molly Parker
William and Joy Postmus
Rod and Annie Van Tol
Dustie Wiggins
James and Mary Van Wingerden

Are you looking for a professional in our community that can answer any of your questions regarding gifts & wills?

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