Racial Injustice Statement

At Home Repair Services, we are committed to the pursuit of a strong, just, and equitable community. We long for our neighborhoods to be vital, vibrant, and safe places populated by homeowners of all ages, races, backgrounds, resources, and abilities. We exist so our neighbors may live in safe, healthy, and sturdy dwellings that serve to build value, dignity, and pride.

We lament

We mourn the senseless murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna
Taylor, Patrick Lyoya, and so many before them. They have shed new light on a reality that

people of color have known all along: that simply living life in America is more
dangerous when your skin is black or brown. We lament and condemn this reality
and state that Black Lives Matter!

We stand with those who protest racial injustice

The protests in our community, country, and world have rung out loud and clear.
These calls for individual and systemic change have been courageous, and they
need to be heard. We must confess though that we have been here before. Let
us not brush these calls aside in our natural reflex to find calmer waters. After all,
it is in still waters, waters with little to no movement, where we find the
breeding ground for dangerous diseases ─ in this instance, diseases of the heart.

We stand in solidarity with our black and brown neighbors, team members, board
members, and our amazing group of clients who graciously invite us into their
homes and lives. We commit to being better listeners and humble learners. We
commit to amplifying their voices and experiences so that we might become
better people, a better organization, and bring about real and systemic change.

We are committed to action

For over four decades, Home Repair Services has been dedicated to extending the
opportunity for safe, sustainable, and successful homeownership to all in our
community. We hold this role tenderly and with considerable care for we know
the great American dream of owning a home has been unfairly restrictive,
purposely narrow, and wrought with overt racism.

Until everyone has the ability to live in a safe, healthy home – in a community in
which their skin color and the numbers of their zip code do not dictate or diminish
their ability to flourish – we will take on our work with renewed resolve and
unwavering commitment. And while we know the work of racial justice is hard,
the call is undeniable and the opportunity too rich with reward ─ not to pursue

Driven by our core values ─ compassion, stewardship, inclusiveness, professionalism, and collaboration ─ we will continue to right these wrongs
and create hope through opportunity.

We can not do this alone

To our partners and friends, we boldly ask that you join us with equal vigor in
meeting this moment in time. Together, we can make a difference…one cabinet,
one access ramp, one warm and dry home, one workshop, one averted foreclosure…one relationship at a time. We can and must be better!